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Kagawa International Conference Hall & Sunport Hall Takamatsu

Kagawa International Conference Hall and Sunport Hall Takamatsu (meeting rooms) are located in two buildings connected to each other. They are in front of JR (Japan Railway) Takamatsu Station.

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Access from Takamatsu Airport

To reach Takamatsu city, flights from Tokyo/Haneda (HND) (12/day) and Seoul/Incheon (ICN) (3/week) are available. From Shanghai/Pudong (PVG) airport, regular chartered flights (2/week) are served by china-sss.com [Takamatsu Airport (TAK)]. However, if you use an international flight, please take care of currency exchange. TAK does not have money exchange services.

Notice: If you make a transit at Tokyo, HND is much more convenient than Narita airport (NRT), because no direct flights between NRT and TAK are operated. If you arrive at NRT from abroad, you should take a bus to move to HND.

From TAK Airport to the conference venue or hotels, use the airport limousine bus. A time table that is effective during the conference period is here. (NOTE: JR Hotel Clement Takamatsu is the new name of ANA Hotel Clement Takamtsu. They are same! Also, please note that bus stops between the airport and Takamatsu station are omitted in the time table, but you can get off at every stop shown in the left-hand-side table.) The fare is 740 yen/person. You can buy tickets using the vending machines in the domestic arrival lobby. The nearest bus stops are shown in the table below. You can find a map of hotels here. If you booked other hotels, please ask us and get information prior to your departure.

Bus stop(s)
Conference Venue Takamatsu Station
ANA Hotel Clement Takamatsu ANA Hotel Clement Takamatsu
Takamatsu Station bus stop is also close to the hotel.
Hotel New Frontier Takamatsu Station (and walk 400m)
Tokyu Inn Hyogo Machi
Rihga Hotel Zest Hyogo Machi
Okura Hotel Takamatsu A few busses operate to the hotel. (See timetable.) If they are inconvenient, we recommend you to use a taxi from Takamatsu Station. The taxi stand is near the bus stop and the fare will be around 1,000 yen.


Access from Kansai Airport

If you arrive at Osaka/Kansai (KIX) airport, busses to Takamatsu are convenient. It takes apporx. 3.5 hours. The bus departs from the bus stop #7 on the arrival (ground) floor. You can buy tickets using vending machines near the bus stop. The fare is 5,000 yen/person. This bus does not stop at Hyogo Machi or ANA Hotel Clement Takamatsu. Thus you have to get off at Takamatsu Station.

Access from Okayama Airport

You can also use Okayama (OKJ) airport, which has daily flights from/to Seoul/Incheon and Shanghai/Pudong, and 3 flights per week from/to Beijing. From OKJ to the conference venue, it takes about 1.5-2.0 hours using the airport bus and a rapid train (via Seto-Ohashi bridge, Marine-Liner by JR). Please read "Guide to Takamatsu from Okayama Airport."

Access by Trains from Tokyo/Osaka

If you use trains, it will take 5 hours from Tokyo or 2 hours from Osaka, via Seto-Ohashi bridge. Get of f the bullet (Shinkansen) train at Okayama and transfer to the Marine Liner. Some information about the Marine Liner is provided on the "Guide to Takamatsu from Okayama Airport" file above.

Tourist Information


Watch this latest video introducing Kagawa (provided by Kagawa prefecture). This video clip has no narration. Just watch!

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